Welcome to the website of Hume Lake Charter, a public K-12 school in the heart of the Sequoia National Forest.

This has been an extraordinary year: it started with the Hume Lake area being surrounded by fire-- about 200,000 acres of it-- and our entire community being evacuated for about six weeks. We did our best to keep school going, even though our teachers and our students and their families were spread across numerous states in the pursuit of lodging while fretting about their homes back at Hume. Teachers would email lessons and activities to students, who emailed back their results. Occasionally, some families were able to get together for a few days and their children were able to do school work together. All in all, it was an adventure, and our students probably learned things that never show up in a school's curriculum! But they still learned what they needed to learn and the school year was a success. Our homes were safe, and life at Hume Lake picked up where it had been left off. 

One casualty of the fire was the school's enrollment: originally set at 80 students, the long weeks of evacuation took its toll on some of our community's families, as they found employment and homes elsewhere. We end the school year with 61 students, which is hard in so many ways. One of those ways is financially: in California, public schools-- like Hume Lake Charter School-- are funded by enrollment and attendance; both suffered this year. As we look ahead to the 2016-2017 school year, we hope to begin growing again and put into place a few measures that ensures a stable attendance rate among our students.

Our parent group, the PTC, also suffered a total loss of its membership this year, again due to the fire. But several parents have reorganized the group and it looks to be healthy and ready to begin the 16-17 school year at full speed. Great job, parents!

Our associated student body (ASB) has taken a few hits this year too, but it is slowly regaining momentum and appears to have some great events ready and on the horizon. 

Finally, with a late start on field trips, it appeared that students and teachers were all traveling at once to exciting, adventurous, learning events; just ask one of our students: the field trips were an awesome part of this extraordinary year.

So we step into Summer 2016, with a tough but good year behind us and another great year ahead; I can only thank the tenacity and adaptability, the love and the commitment, and the vision and collaboration of our school staff, our students, their families, and the Hume Lake community members for such a successful, memorable year. Happy Summer!

If you have questions about Hume Lake Charter School, any of its activities or how its students and staff are doing after the fire and evacuation, please feel free to contact me at mstockdale@humelakecharter.org.

Mike Stockdale